Sunday, January 3, 2010

Robert Henri - The Art Spirit

Recently I have been quoting Robert Henri on my blog and lo and behold I find that Michelle at
has already chosen it for a reading group she has started.   I started this book just about the time I started my Art journey.  It took about three years to complete the book.  I would frequently pick it up, read some, then digest it.  I finally completed it last month.  In the process, I learned that as a newbie to art the message he had was under appreciated.  As time went on, I found his message resonate deeper in my soul.  I fully intend to keep this book at my side and reread it when I seem to hit a dry spell.  If you haven't read it, I would recommend you take up Michelle's challenge.  If you have read it years ago, it may be rewarding to reread it.  I think the more knowledge you have about art, the more meaningful it becomes.
I am so grateful for all the books that are availalbe today.  They help us on our journey.  The local library has been an invaluable resource for me.  It helps to be in a local community that has a strong arts awareness and appreciation.  I am posting the picture I mentioned yesterday that I had revisited and redone.  I think it improved the composition.


Becky Drees said...

I love your work, Honor!

Honor Martinez said...

Thank you. It is always heartening to receive a compliment. I visited yours and enjoyed your DSFDF paintings. I also like your three cherries. Very similar to one I did.