Sunday, June 21, 2009

Still Life with Pink Rose


This was quite a challenge for me. I think I am afraid of flowers so decided to give it a try. I wiped it out 2 times but I am finally satisfied with the end result. Mind you the next one will be even better! I am working on putting in my brush time; as it says in the "Outliers", I need to put in my 10,000 hours. I have been guilty of spending more hours on studying and than on painting, I think I kept hoping there was a magic secret. There is JUST KEEP PAINTING!!!
That said I am off to see the grandsons in Denver for a week on Tuesday. It is always a treat to see them. I am so fortunate to have two great daughters and two great son-in-laws. So will be taking a break of a week. But I know my grandson will have me sketching. The younger one makes a mark and I have to create something from it. It actually is a lot of fun. Peace and Joy to all.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My hardest challenge

I decided to bite the bullet and try a sea shell that I am fond of ... little did I know how challenging it would be. I almost decided it was a lost cause about three times but for some reason I persevered. My AHA came when I realized I was getting too tight and trying to make a photo replica... so when I relaxed and painted the painting and not the photo, I was much happier and I love the results. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

As Promised!

I finished my painting yesterday (16x20 on Panel) and I am happy with it, yet will continue to strive to improve. I am still getting some glare but will study more on taking pictures. I am also feeling better about my work and about life as I am reconnecting with nature by taking walks. I think one of the reasons I loved golf so much was walking and enjoying the beauty of nature. I have spent more time inside since I started painting and I am going to rebalance my time better.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Terry Norris Workshop

Terry T Norris Workshop

Day One:
I found Terry a great teacher. She is a senior faculty member of Crealde
School of Art in Winter Park, FL. She received an award
of Excellence in the 2008 Eastern Regional Exhibition and is a signature
member in the Oil Painters of America. Her web site is

She started out talking about composition in relationship to:
Balance - between negative and positive space, lights and darks, varying
edge distances - she advised giving leaving enough space for the subject to
be in. She stated the more compelling the object - the more negative space
it can handle.
Unity - variety within unity i.e. contrast between colors, sizes, texture
Movement - into, around and out of the painting
Emphasis - focal point or center of interest
These need to be thought out during the set up and as you start to mass in
the forms.

Terry uses a transparent color in this case a raw umber mixed with turpenoid
to mass in. and I learned how valuable a rag and not paper towels is in
wiping out mistakes.

STAGE TWO: start with the darkest value using solvent progressing to next
darkest. In all about four values from darkest to lightest. For the
lighter values can add a bit of lead white along with turpenoid. Once done
let it dry overnight.

Day 2
Initial stage of glazing of color using transparent color and liquin.
Shadows and background need to remain thin to keep them in the background.
Thicker paint brings the object forward whereas thin paint tends to recede

Terry showed us example of other artist, Chardin etc. to warn us not to over
blend. She said if you can't tell where the color changes, you have
overblended. However it is important to keep edges soft especially when you
want an object to turn.

Day 3: Finishing touches
Terry will continue to work on this but time constraints plus her advice to
set it aside for a day or two and relook at it critically. At some point a
painting needs to be critiqued without reference to the setup. The painting
is not a photograph and need to be evaluated as a painting. What can be
done to enhance the painting!

I learned invaluable tips and enjoyed the camaraderie of the group. I will
take Terry's advice and put my painting aside for a few days and then
evaluate it before I post it. I learned to be patient with the process. It
was something I really needed to learn.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Have been meaning to do this DSFDF challenge but things kept interfering. I had a big break through two days ago when I realized I was creating all sorts of barriers to actually painting; such as it's too complicated; I don't have the time to do it justice. A long time ago I intensely disliked emptying the dishwasher. I had convinced my brain that it took so long etc.. So I timed it and it took 2 minutes!!! My attitude sure changed fast. I did the same thing with this painting. I decided to time myself and lo and behold I had overestimated the time and effort. I had used faulty logic to procrastinate and not get started... I feel I have removed some major barriers to my painting more frequently. Now I can squeeze it in with a free conscience.