Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back From Vacation

Have been back a week and still not completely resettled. Have been painting but mostly studies to see if I can improve my values and perspective in landscapes. I am happy with today's painting and if I still like it tomorrow I will post it.

This photo was taken in Cape May. We had a great time visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and their marvelous collection of Impressionist's. Mary Cassatt's family was from there and she influenced the area people to buy Monets etc. I fell in love with Thomas Eakin's works. Brandywine Museum was near by, so we went back the next day spend a wonderful day immersed in Wyeth's many works. The illustrations by his father are fascinating. We traveled to Winterthur the home of one of the Dupont's in Delaware. Lucky for us the N.Y. Met had transported all their American portraits there as they renovate there American display. Stuart, Peale and many more were displayed.

The absolute beauty of the vista's in Pennsylvania especially around Gettysburg were breathtaking. I took many, many pictures and am inspired to focus on landscapes. I experience such peace when I am surrounded by nature.