Sunday, February 1, 2009

Annie Leibovitz

Was fortunate to see Annie Leibovitz: Women exhibition at the Brevard Art Museum and I was totally impressed. Hope every gets to see her work at some time in their life. I am currently working on finishing three painting so am going to post a still life I did at Stacy Barter's workshop a while back and one I did at Susan Sarback workshop. They are two totally different approaches as at Susan's I only used a palette knife. I look back at my work and find I am more and more attracted to still life so may decide to settle down and focus on it for a while. Will wait to see my direction after my workshop this weekend. Have a marvelous day filled with peace and joyfulness. Honor


Dewberry Fine Art said...

I like the still life. It is fresh and has a wonderful palette. I would love to see the palette knife up close as I think you really can't appreciate the texture in 2D. Hope you enjoy your workshop.

Honor Martinez said...

Thanks for the compliment. Your right about the texture, it is much better in real life. Honor