Thursday, January 29, 2009

San Francisco Pink Lady

Hi everyone, I finished the challenge on DSFDF and started three other paintings. I am signed up for a local workshop at our art museum. The artist is a Gay Faulkenberry who is quite a well know artist. Therefore, the next two weeks will be spent painting and painting and painting, so I can have a better handle on mixing especially with the colors she recommends. My drawing teacher, Jini James, mentioned that we all have to put in our 10,000 hours ( from the "Outlier") I figure I only have about 9,900 hours to go. We will also be doing "plein air" as part of the workshop. Hopefully the cold snap that Florida is experiencing will be well over. I know it will be fun and expect to learn a lot. Peace and joyfulness to all. Honor


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Hi Honor, I'm taking the workshop too. See you there. Carol said...

I love the softness you got with your painting! Nice work : )