Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh My!

As I was arranging this set-up, the yellow pepper fell over and I was stuck by how the green and red one seems to be looking down on it. So I grabbed a knife and Voila!. However, I did not take into account that, as I painted away the yellow pepper would start to relax and the angle would change.... Too late, I took pictures but couldn't get quite the right angle on the camera. In addition, the angle for the camera and the way I looked at the pepper had to be very consistent when I turned my head back and forth between the easel and the still life. I persevered and I am happy with the results but learned some very valuable lessons in painting from life. I am off to the workshop tomorrow to learn even more lessons. Can''t say I am not exercising my brain. Have an enjoyable day. Honor


Michelle Burnett said...

Hi Honor, That's fun how it turned out...they are looking down! It's a beautiful painting with great color!

Honor Martinez said...

Thanks for the comment. It encourages me. I worried a bit about the background color but decided I liked it so went with it. Honor