Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year

I am determined to learn more about this blog.... especially as I ended up commenting on my own post and not posting a new message... guess I just rejoined the human race and enjoyed a good laugh on myself. My next lesson will be learning how to post or rather upload a photo. I joined the Different Strokes blog and am going to try to do the latest challenge. I hope to upload it so everyone can help me grow by giving me constructive criticism. My skin is fairly thick!!

Again I have to thank Carol Schiff . I read her latest blog and was inspired to do a challenge.

So Happy New Year to all. Honor

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Carol Schiff Studio said...

Honor, It is easy to download, Right click on the photo and select "save picture as", select the file you want it to go to, give it a name and hit "save". The photo will go to the file you select. Good luck! Carol