Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy holidays

Would you believe, my new computer is on its way to the manufacturer. Hopefully, I will be getting it back within ten days but not holding my breathe. In the meantime having to borrow a computer so online time is restricted. I hope all are having a wonderful holiday season, mine was lovely. I started reading "The Art Spirit" by Henri and am enjoying it tremendously. I do believe the teacher appears when the student is ready..... Man am I ready!!! Happy Holidays. Honor

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Honor Martinez said...

I am back. Unbelievable but Toshiba was true to it's word and my computer was back to me within 10 days. I know my husband Dick was glad as I kept using his to check my e-mail... Carol, thank you for the first... I read your blog on the photograph exchange... what a lovely portrait!!! I signed up for Different Stokes and am mapping out my painting of the Jefferson Memorial. I haven't taken an oil brush in my hand in some time so needed the incentive.... My next step will be to post in on my blog.