Monday, December 28, 2009

Wet Lands

Quote for the day, "The artist will open a book someone is trying to close to show there are still more pages possible." R. Henri 
    Wet Lands are part of the beauty of Florida. They have been painted many, many times.  I thought I would concentrate for a while on capturing my impression of their beauty.  They are such a fragile part of our environment and constantly threatened by builders.  For some reason ($$$) they seem to get around all the local and state restrictions.  Dare I hope this New Year, will see a greater effort to preserve our heritage.
     This was my first time using linen and it made a big difference.  I like the smoother texture as I tend to paint more like a watercolorist than a heavy impasto, although I am trying to put on more paint.  This was a small 5x7, 620 gram weight linen Centurion LX with wrapped edges. Don't remember where it came from but  I am serverly tempted to dip deeper into the $$ and use linen.
     I have started to use Office 2007 outlook to keep me on task with my goals.  Am visiting web sites, blogs, Etsy to get ideas.  Any one with ideas on Web site is welcomed to comment.  I am leaning toward just the blog and Etsy but if I do larger pictures then what  So much to learn and it takes away from the painting.  Where have I heard that before!!! 

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Celeste Bergin said...

.. I love how you captured the special light that is there. I echo your sentiments about wanting to protect Florida. I was born there--not many people my age can say that. It was much more wild there in the 1950's. I alway dismay when a Floridian despairs about a reptile because I want to say--"but this is their home (more than yours!)" Well, it is great that there are people like you and me who truly love the place! You produced a very nice painting of Florida.