Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coming together!!!

Inspired by the bloggers, especially K Tyrell, Linda Blondhein and Marion Fortunati, sharing their goals.I have been furiously/driven to set goals for the coming year.   Feeling lost and overwhelmed (much like I have been for the past 12 months) as I went through all my the files.  I recognized I was trying to learn everything at once, examining different palettes, compositions, artist, blog, websites then it hit.... The memory of sitting at a card table in my apartment and doing a jigsaw.  As I dumped the pieces out and started turning them over, I had an AHA moment... At work( I was starting a new job as Quality Manager Director) I was gathering all sorts of information not knowing if it was helpful or not and after the period of gathering, I started to sort (turn over the pieces), then frame the puzzle ( all straight edges) and finally fit the pieces together.  As I sat here the past week going through all my files, weeding, sorting, I experienced the same feelings.  As I sorted my mind became able to focus, the pieces started to fall in place and I was able to create and prioritize my lists.  Naturally, it will be ongoing as I still have a lot to learn but I see a direction.
My Goals for my Art are relatively simple but incredibly hard.
- Paint every day
- focus on edges
- apply more paint
- loosen up
- increase my perception of value and color
- sketch/draw at least 5 x week.
I have made many more goals and have done a plan for each one.
- Improve my blog
- Increase my revenue from painting through a Web Site (need to do) Etsy ( need to tweak) and other marketing methods.

I am at ease as I know the direction I want to take.
The painting I posted was done on a 5by7 canvas board before I went to Denver.  I have wanted to paint marshes for quite a while and hopefully will do a series so I can improve.


Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Honor..
Okay now the glove has been thrown down... You've reminded me that while I reviewed last year's goals, I have yet to set goals for 2010!!!

I'm going to have to do some good thinking and I'll probably look at your goals to help me... One needs to set goals that are a stretch but are not so challenging as to make them defeating. Thanks for the nudge!!!

I'm in Hawaii now on a family vaction... sitting here on a cruise ship getting ready to go explore today's island... Oahu!!

Hope your new year is great..

AND oh answer to your question on my website..... Fine Art Studio is great!! It's VERY EASY to upload and maintain and personalize. The support staff is EXTREMELY responsive when you have a question or problem... they answer online and sometimes by phone ... I REALLY like FASO and have abandoned the website I created by myself as this one offers more and is much more professional looking.

Be well, Honor!!

Honor Martinez said...

Thanks for the response, enjoy your Hawaii trip. I've been most places in U.S. never been to Hawaii. I hear it is great.
I was using paper for sorting through my goals but now am using the task manager in Office Outlook and it seems to be working fine. I have a topic such as art then within the task write the various mini goals and time by which I want to complete it. I started with a set of Unifying principles that help set the tone. Have fun. Happy New Year. Honor