Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Drawing Workshop

R. Henri " No work of art is ever finished.  They only stop at a good place."  This subject came up at the workshop and I wish I had memorized this quote.  I was so appropo to the discussion. I don't think I have ever spend a whole day drawing but it was worth it.  Our instructor was Michael Burban who was an instructor in drawing at the Art  Student League of New York for 20 + years.  He has written the book "Lessons form Michaelangelo".  Need I say more?  I learned  a lot and am looking forward to tomorrow.  His manner of teaching is supportive and instructive.  Our Art Guild acted wisely in arranging this workshop.  I might even do some more drawing tonight!!! Or shall I have a glass of vino??..... Oh dear, my goals are calling out to me??.... Happy New Year.

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Carol Schiff Studio said...

Honor, If you have never tried, drawing (or painting) WITH a glass of wine, you need to give it a try!