Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It never ends!!!

I am rapidly becoming overloaded with computer information. I joined the Central Florida Artists in order to showcase my art in another venue and have spend about 5 solid days learning about various photo editors. I have explored Windows Photo editor, Picaso, Olympus, Canon, and Photo Elements all of which reside on my computer. Picaso I liked very much but was having a time resizing my photos... so I finally decided to go with Olympus. Needless to say my family will chuckle as I removed Picaso from my computer and deleted some pictures. They know I don't like clutter....BIG MISTAKE!!! I discovered it wiped out all my photo links to my blog so I had to reorganize and repost every picture to my former blogs. I was able to recover all but San Francisco Lady. I now have a separate folder for my blogs. I just hope my uploads to Etsy aren't similarly linked. I have also been learning to take a more professional photograph of my paintings, courtesy of my husband and the manual... So as I mentioned I am into overload. Am posting a painting I did a while back. Hope you enjoy it. My sister loved it and it is now hanging in her house. Now to focus on painting again.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Honor, If you are on Etsy, you should do a mini-etsy for your blog. It is very easy, look on the left side-bar of "your etsy" on the bottom of the page and click on "mini etsy"

Honor Martinez said...

Thanks Carol. You are a great help.