Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SunFlowers in Copper Pitcher

I decided to break loose from the small paintings that I have been doing, which I will eventually post, and do a 16 by 20 using large brushes. I wanted to be loose and just paint! I thought these sunflowers were so cheerful and colorful that they did not need to be tightly rendered. Hope you enjoy. This day has flown by as I was attempting to take photos of my recent art and that in itself takes me a long time to get right, then I got bogged down in updating my art files. I think one of the best guidance a newbie can get, is a system for keeping track of paintings. I have created an excel file only to find I have to expand it to keep track of my blog, my etsy etc. Oh well, guess I have to be thankful for all the new synapses that my brain is making and hopefully it is creating new brain cells warding off future senility.

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