Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Best Laid plans of mice and men"

My New Years resolution was to blog at least 3-4 x a week.  Lay that resolution to rest.  Actually have had what some might call valid reasons for the long periods between blogging BUT....  I am actually still painting and am working hard on improving.  I have done quite a bit but end up using them for learning and the last thing I want to do is post them.  I have been rereading "Mastering Composition" by Ian Roberts and WOW... what a difference practice and time makes.  I am getting so much more from reading it again as I am able to bring more experience to it.  Same holds true of visiting museums.  The more I learn, the greater my appreciation of the great masters.  My husband and I are off again on a Roadtrex rally and come mid April will be revisiting Sante Fe and Denver (get to see grandkids) so may still be sketchy posting but will be constantly reading my bloggers friends as they are a source of inspiration.  I am going to follow Ian Roberts suggestion of doing a compositional sketch a day.  I know the practice will help with drawing, values, edges and composition.   This is a painting I did in sepia quite a while back.  Decided I wanted it in color. I love the intensity (focus) of the little one.

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