Monday, February 8, 2010

Wet Land #6

"Have No Fear of Perfection, You will never achieve it!".   I wish I could remember where I read this, but at present it is hanging above my computer.  I need to remind myself constantly to work hard but enjoy the process and not ruin the painting by overworking it.   My New Years resolution about blogging has gotten waylaid for personal reasons which I am happy to say have been resolved to a great degree.  I  continue to paint on my WetLand series and realized that another reason for not blogging is I find that I need to set the paintings aside and look at them with fresh eyes.  If I post too soon, I eventually end up  redoing the painting.  This created a problem as I was posting  only when I had a painting to show. If I want to post more frequently,  I think I will need to find something (art history, studies of the masters etc.) and not attempt to achieve a painting a day as I allow it to put pressure on me (my perfectionist rearing it's ugly head.)  I really want to focus on quality.

I have to thank all the bloggers out there as they remain a valuable source of inspirations and education.

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