Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ruakaka Beach Australia

Thanks everyone for your comments. My back is back in full working order. I tried a new technique, at least, for me it is new. I downloaded and watched Richard Robinson's http://www.newzealandartist.com Master Class on Ruakaka Beach in Australia. He recommends establishing the values and premixing them before painting. For example, the dark, mid, and light values of the sky, then repeat with the clouds, the mountains etc. I know I have seen it done by other artists on their blogs so I gave it a try. Lo and Behold it did make it easier!! I tend to get lost in all the color mixing when I try to do it one at a time. This simplified the values and also allowed me to adjust as I went along if I needed a warmer or cooler. I was pleased with the painting. This was done on a 5x7 canvas panel. Will try more of his master classes and force myself to premix.

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Dewberry Fine Art said...

Love the shapes and values. You got the atmosphere. Nice job.