Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sushi anyone?

This is the DSFDF challenge and I think I got in under the wire. My cold delayed me a bit, but to be truthful I found this quite a challenge. I actually did my first in Alkyd Oils and did not care for them, they seems too loose. My second attempt seemed better in regular artist oils on a 5x7 canvas board. I am glad I did it as I learned a lot. I am currently taking a watercolor sketch book class and this afternoon was just what I needed as a reward after the Sushi challenge. Fun!!! Doing watercolors I revert to my childhood and play!!


Michelle Burnett said...

Honor, You did a great job on this. Your watercolor sketch class sounds like fun. Hopefully you'll show some of your sketches! :)

Cheryl Anderson said...

Honor, I may be in Arizona when you are in Denver, but send me an email when you get here and I'll let you know where I am. cheryl@cherylandersonart.com
I have four grandkids, so I know how special your time with them will be. Enjoy, and thanks for your comments about my artwork. Your sushi is yummy!

Karen said...

Honor, these are wonderful. I've really loved seeing all of the different versions of this sushi!
And, I'm glad you picked up the brush (I did too today)! :)